The Art of Relational Influence

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About Scott

Leveraging his award-winning career in sales and leadership, Scott Holman instructs individuals how to master the art of relational influence to inspire positive transformations within themselves and others.

More than just learned theory

Unlike other speakers who become experts by reading numerous books, Scott has over 20 years of successful experience in the field and remains actively engaged to stay relevant to his audience, ensuring that participants receive practical and applicable knowledge instead of just theoretical concepts.

Ross Balano, National Account Manager

“Scott Holman is an exceptional leader who embodies high integrity. He is authentic and genuine, and his ability to relate well with his team and speak the truth without getting caught up in company jargon is impressive.

Scott is a critical thinker who is thoughtful in processes and strategy leading to effective problem-solving solutions that keeps both the company and customers happy. His leadership style is infectious, and he values his people.”

Lon Bason, National Account Manager

“I have had the pleasure of working with Scott Holman for several years, and his sales leadership has been truly invaluable to me.

Scott has a thought-provoking and direct approach that has helped me see things differently and has challenged me to grow both personally and professionally. His expertise and guidance have helped me to be more productive with the way I do business.

I am grateful for Scott’s mentorship and leadership and would highly recommend him to anyone looking to take their sales game to the next level.”

What you can expect


Simple but Applicable Concepts

Scott spent 15 years leading and teaching children’s ministry. He always says it is the best experience any speaker can gain because you must be able to simplify difficult concepts to be understood by children. Scott still strives to keep things simple and fun.

“Scott always seems to have a fun and interesting way of explaining things no matter how simple or complex.”Kelli Bornhorst


Interactive Audience Engagement

Many speakers believe that the event is all about them, but Scott has learned that the best learning comes through interaction. As the audience engages with the teaching, it becomes their ideas and moves deeper into their hearts and minds.

The Greatest Show by Scott Holman was a great team-building experience. His program is an excellent opportunity for colleagues to engage and connect together. Scott was authentic, professional, and a joy to be around.” – Renee Capehart



Using the power of story and relatable examples, Scott creates powerful emotional connection to mark the moments.

“Even months after our event, people were still talking about the presentation and its impact. It’s not often that you come across such an engaging speaker who can hold the attention of a diverse audience, but Scott’s ability to connect with his listeners was truly remarkable.” – Jim Govro

Investing in Relational Influence

isn’t just about your bottom line

Poor communication prevents you and your employees from co-creating a culture of trust that allows your people–and your business–to truly thrive.

Great relationships help people feel empowered and engaged in their work.

When great relationships are central to a company’s ethos, the result is a more productive, profitable work environment that encourages collaboration, builds trust, and inspires action.

Engaging Conversations that Influence Sustainable Change

Here are just a few examples of topics we can dive into. 


#1 – Facing the Invisible Rival

Facing the Invisible Rival addresses a critical yet often overlooked challenge in the sales industry: indecision. While sales professionals frequently focus on outperforming external competitors, research reveals that 65% of lost sales opportunities stem from customer indecision rather than direct competition. The presentation delves into understanding this invisible rival, highlighting the importance of recognizing and addressing indecision as the primary adversary in sales .


#2 – OPT - The Secret to Building Extreme Wealth

In the realm of sales, professionals often chase wealth and high earnings through short-term, transactional tactics, overlooking the essential role of building long-term, trust-based relationships for recurring sales growth. This focus on immediate gains frequently leads to a reliance on superficial rapport, neglecting the need to establish perceived expertise and competency with clients. Despite recognizing the importance of trust in the mantra “people buy from people they know, like, and trust,” there’s a widespread lack of understanding about the true power and intricacies of building trust, creating a significant hurdle in achieving sustainable success and long-term wealth in sales.


#3 – C4 Explosive Growth

In the world of sales, leaders grapple with the dual challenge of stalled growth among sales representatives and the hesitance of executive leaders to invest in training and development. Despite acknowledging its importance, executives often doubt the return on investment in development programs, as sustained application of learned skills remains elusive. C4 Explosive Growth introduces a proven framework as a solution to this conundrum. This model not only propels sales teams past growth plateaus but also ensures that training investments yield sustainable, long-term returns, bridging the gap between the necessity of development and the commitment to fund it.

It’s About the Reinforcement

According to Scott, speeches alone cannot bring transformation, but rather continued reinforcement is required. Therefore, all attendees of Scott Holman’s sessions are provided a complimentary opportunity to engage with the content by receiving follow-up emails that reinforce the material and offer applicable challenges for 30 days after the event, with the aim of achieving transformational change.

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