Leadership Traction

A Leader’s Guide to Breaking Down Resistance, Building Trust, Inspiring Action, and Achieving Success

A 6-month program to transform your business into a high-trust organization led by impactful leaders.

Lack of trust is the #1 cause

behind disengaged employees

Here’s the reason you find it so hard to motivate and engage your employees:

You don’t trust your people and they don’t trust you.

They are skeptical that you believe in the mission and values displayed on the wall.

So you continue struggling with overwhelm while your team members feel disempowered and overlooked.

All while the team feels undervalued and unmotivated, resulting in a negative impact on the company’s productivity and success.

Employees feel disconnected from the company’s mission and values, which leads to low engagement and resistance to change.

Set your team up for success

so you can start stepping away without fear

This influential leadership program is designed to bring leaders and their teams into a state of mutual trust.

When you prioritize trust, your team feels empowered and confident in their abilities to keep your business running smoothly without you.

When you know how to motivate action and change, the team feels empowered and engaged, resulting in a positive and productive work environment, creating a place they want to call home.

And you can experience the relief of letting go.

Imagine having the freedom to enjoy the fruits of your labor without constant worry that one mistake will destroy everything you’ve worked for.

Transform your business

into a high-trust, action-packed organization

By improving communication skills, increasing employee engagement, and fostering a culture of growth, you can learn to delegate responsibilities with confidence.

Leadership Traction

A six Month Program

Over the course of 6 months, you’ll learn how to apply our keystone programs to your leadership style.

The first month focuses on The VALUE Principle – a simple but powerful framework that will help you add value to your customers and employees.

Months 2 and 3 delve into the 4 Pillars of Influence, where you’ll understand how to build trust with your team.

Finally, months 4-6 will explore the Traction Stack – a proven framework designed to help you diagnose the biggest needs of your team and motivate them to take action.

You’ll have access to two live sessions each month, where you’ll get the chance to discuss the content learned and apply it to your specific business with a cohort of other leaders. Our bite-sized micro-lessons make it easy to learn on the go and our optional 1-1 coaching will give you the personalized support you need.

After completing Leadership Traction program, you’ll have the skills and confidence to connect with others, build trust, and motivate your team to achieve great things.

Your employees will willingly follow you to where you need them to be, and you’ll be able to create a positive company culture with high productivity.

The Cost of Doing Nothing

Every investment requires a positive return, but what’s the cost if you do nothing?


Poor employee engagement:

Leaders who do not understand how to connect with and motivate their employees are more likely to experience low employee engagement. This can result in decreased productivity and higher turnover rates.


Lack of trust

When leaders fail to prioritize building trust with their team, it can lead to a lack of transparency and communication breakdowns. This can create a negative work environment and hinder teamwork and collaboration.


Resistance to change

Without the skills to motivate and inspire their team, leaders may struggle to implement changes and drive progress within the organization. This can lead to missed opportunities and stagnant growth.


Negative company culture

Poor leadership can create a toxic work environment, which can negatively impact the company culture. This can result in high levels of stress, low morale, and low job satisfaction.


Decreased profitability

Ultimately, companies that fail to prioritize leadership development may struggle to retain top talent and achieve sustained growth. This can lead to decreased profitability and an inability to compete in the marketplace.


Inefficient operations

Leaders who lack the skills to effectively communicate and delegate tasks may struggle to manage their team and optimize workflows. This can result in inefficient operations and a lack of productivity.


Missed opportunities

Without effective leadership, companies may miss out on opportunities to innovate and expand their business. This can result in losing market share to competitors and becoming irrelevant in the industry.


Inconsistent results

Leaders who do not understand how to motivate and inspire their team may struggle to achieve consistent results. This can create uncertainty and instability within the company.


Damage to company reputation

Poor leadership can result in public relations disasters, legal issues, and other reputational damage. This can negatively impact the company’s image and credibility in the eyes of customers, investors, and employees.

Don’t let stress and frustration

continue to rule your work life

You can continue doing the same thing you have been doing, or you can experience the same stress releasing peace that Jody now enjoys. Her company is experiencing these many benefits.


Improved Communication


Greater Trust & Collaboration


Better Decision Making


Increased Engagement


Higher Productivity


Reduced Turnover


Rising Innovation


Enhanced Customer Satisfaction


Higher Profitability


Improved Company Reputation

Don’t let stress and frustration continue to rule your work life.

Join the Leadership Traction program today and discover how you can transform your leadership approach, improve communication, and create a thriving, engaged workforce that delivers results.

Wish you could multiply yourself?

Then Leadership Traction is for you

Helping your current team members grow into leadership roles creates opportunities for additional scale with new products, services, or locations.

A trusted team of leaders means not having to do everything on your own anymore.

Ready to build a team you can trust?