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Leadership Fundamentals

A foundational leadership course designed to identify and nurture talent within your organization

Based on the go-to manual for professional success, “Stop Clowning Around: The 10 Fundamental Leadership Skills Proven to Elevate Your Career” by Scott Holman

Identify Growth Potential So You Can Develop a Robust Leadership Pipeline for Your Business


Tiger Woods.




Bill Gates.

What do the greatest artists, athletes, designers, and other greats of the world have in common?

A tireless dedication to perfecting the fundamentals of their craft.

Why should the business world be any different?

It shouldn’t.

So why are modern businesses like yours struggling to find and retain talented people who are invested in long-term growth in your company?

Talent is out there

but foundational leadership skills are lacking

After more than 20 years in the corporate world, I’ve noticed a disconnect between business leaders and their employees.


Leaders claim to want to develop talent and reward excellence.


Employees with ambition claim to desire a company to grow with over time.

Yet businesses hoping to fill their leadership pipelines have trouble finding and keeping the right people, while seemingly driven employees lose steam and become disengaged.

As a business owner, it’s incredibly frustrating.

How do you fix the disconnect so you can find and retain talent that’s invested in your company for the long haul?

The view from the bottom

of the corporate ladder

In my 20’s, my boss laughed when suggested I might have some sales talent. Apparently he didn’t see any untapped talent worth cultivating.

Soon after, a man in my church introduced me to a small business owner in the area.

One day, I called this business owner asking if he was willing to give me a chance to learn fundamental sales skills.

Unlike my first boss, the business owner said yes.

Yes to what?

Yes to an opportunity to grow into the person I believe I was meant to be.

This is how I started a 25 year career within the security industry where I landed on the “20 under 40 List” of Security Systems News and regularly landed near the top of all sales ranking reports.

Today I’m a leading salesman and leadership expert in my industry.

But I wouldn’t be here if I had never been given a chance to unearth my hidden talents.

Here’s why I believe identifying and nurturing organizational talent is so important: