Scott’s Story

Scott wasn’t always the success-driven man that he is today.

He hated high school. (He carried a pillow to class and slept on his desk.)

He once job-hopped from a pizza delivery guy to forklift driver to detergent mixer. (Before he realized he was capable of so much more.)

At 21 he was a college dropout struggling with looming bills, exhausting shift work, and almost no time to spend with his growing family.

So what changed?

An encounter with a stranger who, on a sweltering Missouri day, asked him a question that altered the course of his life.


“You’re in a blue-collar role as white-collar as they come.

“Why are you working here?”

This simple question shook Scott to his core.

The man, a slim, white-haired gentleman in his 50’s, was a customer of the chemical plant where Scott worked.

After a brief, light-hearted conversation, the tone suddenly shifted. The man stopped, looked directly at Scott, and asked him the question that changed his life. “What are you doing here anyway? You’re in a blue-collar role and you’re as white-collar as they come. Why are you working here?”

Scott felt stunned. It was something he’d never even considered. Didn’t most people just take jobs as they came, hoping to make enough to cover the bills?

Maybe not, thought Scott, as he felt something shift in his mind.

If a person he barely knew in passing could see that he wasn’t living up to his potential, why couldn’t he see it in himself?

For the first time in his life, Scott considered the possibility that maybe he was meant for more.

He began seeking growth opportunities and reading personal development books that taught him the power of a positive mindset.

He decided to change his destiny.

Passionate About Helping Others

Get to where they want to go

Since that fateful day at a chemical plant in Missouri, Scott has built a career in sales “and leadership” at a top Fortune 500 company, written Stop Clowning Around, a guide to achieving the necessary growth to achieve professional success, and launched his firm, Rely Leadership, a leadership development firm that specializes in helping next-gen leaders drive behavioral change through the art of “relational influence.”

“Now instead of wondering where I am heading with my life, I am passionate about helping others get to where they want to go.”

Sharing our gifts

With those in need

We help support impactful charities and orphanages around the world.

10% For Charities Around the World

Unicef estimates that 1 billion children worldwide live in poverty without access to education, clean water, or enough food.

At Rely we believe our work helps our students build purposeful lives.

We also believe in the power of generosity to transform the lives of the less fortunate.

Rely dedicates 10% of our profits to charities and orphanages around the world.


Jasmine Rhose Foundation - Philipines


Servant United Children's Home - Kenya


Send Me - Guatemala

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